The location

Centrally located

We have chosen a location for our business that could hardly be better. At the edge of the Hainich National Park (UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site). A lot of hangars that still have a lot of potential for expansion and enough space around the airport that allows new forms of green energy generation and storage to be tested in pilot projects. With its own test facilities and also not far from the National Test Center for Unmanned Aerial Systems of the DLR in Cochstedt (EDBC) and the UAV Test Center Altenburg-Nobitz (EDAC). Added to this is the strategically favorable location: central in Germany and Europe. A very good connection to the freeway and to the city of Eisenach with an ICE stop enables the expansion to a new form of Mobility Center.

This is because we do not believe in aviation straight out of the city, but rather in hubs at "small airports", from which a new aviation industry will develop that guarantees regional and national transport, even in times of crisis.
Our strategy is to develop EDGE Airport into a central point of the new General Aviation.

About Us


Products and projects who bring on ecological and regional growth and still adress the global market.

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