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A wide range of products and experience enables us to approach new developments in an integrated and integrated way. With our long-term strategy we have the future in mind, but we also know about the current potentials and markets.


Flight Design

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Flight Design is a leading light aircraft manufacturer that has sold more than 2000 light aircraft in the last 20 years. The CT series is popular worldwide and combines safety and comfort in a unique way. Flight Design has an EASA approved design and manufacturing facility. This ensures extensive international certification and approval of the products.

In 2020 the F2 LSA was the first member of the new F-Series to be launched. With the F-Series, Flight Design combines the latest technologies in terms of ecology, safety, performance and comfort. With the F2 CS23 as well as the battery electric powered F2e, the F-Series will also take off in commercial aviation in the future and complement the strong portfolio of Flight Design.

Flight Design hangar:
Safety is the top priority in aviation. Therefore, use the manufacturer's competence for your Flight Design aircraft - easily accessible in the center of Germany, at Eisenach Kindel (EDGE) airfield.


The CO2 footprint of all of us makes it necessary to rethink

- new forms of energy storage coupled with new drives offer the technical possibilities for this.

How do we solve the questions of efficiency?

How can we use "small" aviation to help us achieve the CO2 goals? How exactly should the new aviation look like in times after COVID-19, when aviation has to reinvent itself? What exactly can be achieved in the future with fully automated flights or even with swarm flights? We provide answers to these questions with a new brand: JUST WINGS.

The products are


HORTEN Next Generation

Ultra-modern and economical - light aircraft without classic fuselage and tail units - a so-called flying wing.
In 2019 we presented the HX-2 to a demonstrator with the maiden flight.
Since 2020 we have been developing the vision: "HORTEN - born for hydrogen".


We are expanding the boundaries of e-VTOL delivery drones: We demonstrate that the future of freight transport above 25kg will also be in aviation. Simple and robust, efficient and low-maintenance, highly scalable. With its hybrid propulsion, it aims to transport time-critical cargo more sustainably and competitively than current logistics solutions.

LIFT Air 2019

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Products and projects who bring on ecological and regional growth and still adress the global market.

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