Sven Lindig (founder)


My entry into aviation came from a mixture of enthusiasm for the advantages of the flying wing, coupled with local patriotism. But I soon realized that this was an opportunity to create a sustainable future. LIFT Air combines our activities with the claim to become an international technology leader.


Dr. Hanns Walter Schulz (managing director and technical manager)

A graduated specialist in the fields of aerospace development and avionics of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Strategy, planning and development must go hand in hand. I joined to develop marketable products from visions of the future. Pragmatically, clearly structured and full of enthusiasm, I follow the many aspects of development and support technology partners as they enter the aviation industry.


Dr. Sören Bräutigam (managing director and commercial director)

Doctor of Business Administration with a soft spot for marketing,
sales and everything that moves

With Lift Air I want to make good ideas fly. I believe in the potential of sustainable aviation, also as an alternative to individual traffic on the road. My goal and ambition is to lead our innovative concepts and products to technical and economic success.

About Us


Products and projects who bring on ecological and regional growth and still adress the global market.

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