Our history

founded by the LINDIG Group in 2015

1899, foundation

In 1899 Albert Lindig laid the foundation stone with his farriery in Eisenach in a purely local market. The company remained in family ownership, despite the war and the GDR. The new beginning originaed from Eisenach, this time with six different locations in four German states. The focus remains in Western Thuringia, where it all began.

Since then, as an intralogistics company LINDIG Fördertechnik has laid the foundation for many reinvestments in various fields: software, energy and environment, as well as aviation.

2015, HORTEN Aircraft

2015 saw the launch of HORTEN Aircraft, the first investment in the aviation sector. Since then, further acquisitions have been made to round off the portfolio and provide answers to the questions of today's and future aviation. To date, far-reaching concepts and prototypes have been developed and implemented in a self-financed manner.

2020, Green Aviation

In 2020 the strategy Green Aviation was defined. This will be implemented step by step with a clear plan.

In order to implement this strategy, in addition to its own financing, the company also relies on development cooperations and external financing. LIFT Air supports companies from other industries in entering into aviation developments (Green Aviation Accelerator), but also offers the opportunity to participate in these business areas.

About Us


Products and projects who bring on ecological and regional growth and still adress the global market.

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